About Me

About me

Julien Tourmetz Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker since 2006 is focused on details and takes care of his clients. He will be able to help and protect you, with Passion and Professionalism. Complete bilingual (French-English) services focused on the client in accordance with the legal duties and obligations in the Real Estate Brokerage Act.
Social media specialist, proud member of the Royal Protection (insurance program offered at no additional cost for sale and purchase. During transaction and up to one year after the notarial deed).
Types of properties: income properties, retail, condo, house, land, chalet.
  • Residential and commercial real estate broker since 2006 Bilingual (French-English) - License issued by the OACIQ.
  • Social Media Specialist - 2019 Royal Lepage Accreditation.
  • Member of the Royal Protection (Insurance program against hidden defects, delays and withdrawals, legal assistance).
  • Member of the APCIQ.
  • Member of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board.
  • Member of the professional association of Quebec real estate brokers Member of the Canadian Real Estate Association.
  • The Co-Ownership - Training 2012 - Followed by FCIQ and trained by the De Grandpré Joli-Coeur law firm.
  • The Succession (who signs what?) 2017 Accreditation (OACIQ) in specialized content M. François De Longchamp, notary.
  • HIDDEN DEFECTS - 2017 Accreditation (OACIQ) Me Isabelle Bourcier.
  • Fundamental legal concepts in terms of latent defects, the seller's legal guarantee of quality and the possible consequences in terms of their civil and professional liability.
  • Building inspection: duties and obligations of the broker - Accreditation (OACIQ) M.Hiriart, expert advisor and ombudsman (protector of the citizen).
  • The certificate of location: Identify its context and its legal origin, Identify its components, Know its scope and limits, Know its lifespan, Provide client orientation tools - 2015 Accreditation (OACIQ) with land surveyor and lawyer.
  • Seller's declaration: Verification and information duties - Training 2018 (OACIQ) Nada Najm lawyer specializing in real estate.
  • Title Insurance -2017 Accreditation (OACIQ) Marie-Eve Lafontaine, notary.
  • The deadlines provided for in the forms and appendices - Accreditation (OACIQ) Nathalie Campagna Chartered broker and agency manager.
  • Management of trust accounts - 2018 Accreditation (OACIQ) Lyne Audet Inspector at the OACIQ with 20 years of experience in financial institutions.
  • The basic rules for residential mortgage financing - 2018 Accreditation (OACIQ) Denis Doucet MBA CHA. Become familiar with and better advise clients on mortgage rules, different types of loans and how to obtain these loans.
  • Building inspection: duties and obligations of the broker - 2018 Accreditation (OACIQ) Nada Najm, lawyer specializing in real estate.
  • Social media: how the laws influence your content - 2016 Accreditation (OACIQ).
  • File Documentation: Well-documented files protect you, your clients, and your agency. Training (OACIQ 2018).
  • The keeping of files and registers - 2018 Accreditation (OACIQ).
  • Broker and agency executive: the great allies in agency compliance - Accredited by (OACIQ) 2020.
  • Advertising, representation and social media: maintaining trust Accreditation (APCIQ) 2020.
  • Learn all about CANAFE  - Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada. Accreditation (APCIQ) 2020 Valérie Masse, lawyer, member of the Quebec bar and real estate practice.